Mariano Palamidessi

gustavo-fabian-iaiesHolds a Doctoral Degree in Education (Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 2001) and a Bachelor Degree in Learning Sciences (Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1991).

He is also a primary school teacher (1987). Currently, he is Executive Director of the National Institute of Educational Assessment of Uruguay (Instituto Nacional de Evaluación
Educativa de Uruguay, INEEd). He is also member of Consultative Council of the National Institute of Teachers´ Training (Consejo Consultivo del Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente, INFD, Argentina), Investigation Core on Knowledge and Policy in Education
(NICPE, Argentina) and Editorial Board of the magazines Propuesta Educativa (FLACSO- Argentina) y Diálogos Pedagógicos (Universidad Católica de Córdoba).

Some of his experience includes:

  • Graduate and Postgraduate professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Universidad San Andrés, FLACSO Argentina and Universidad Di Tella.
  • Consultant at World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Director of the Educational Research Unit (Ministry of Education of the Nation, 2000-2001).
  • Coordinator at the Universidad Virtual de Quilmes (1998-1999).
  • Coordinator at the Postgraduate course in Education and New Technologies (FLACSO-Argentina, 2004-2005).
  • Coordinator at the Master course in Education at Universidad de San Andrés (2005-2008).
  • Consultant at the International Institute of Educational Planning (IIPE UNESCO Buenos Aires) and coordinator at the Regional Course of the Development and Planning of Educational Policies (2008-2015).

His work is mainly connected with curriculum design, theory and sociology and with the development of educational research and its connection with the development of educational policies.

Apart from the numerous articles he has written for specialized magazines, he has published the following works:

  • Investigación y política educativa en la Argentina post-2000 (Aique, 2018), coauthored with Jorge Gorostiaga, Claudio Suasnábar and Nicolás Isola (org.).
  • Investigación educativa y política en América Latina (Novedades Educativas, 2012), coauthored with Jorge Gorostiaga and Claudio Suasnábar.
  • Educación, conocimiento y política. Argentina 1983-2003 (Manantial, 2007), coauthored with Claudio Suasnábar and Daniel Galarza;
  • La escuela de masas en la sociedad de redes: Una introducción a las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación en educación (FCE, 2006);
  • Programación de la enseñanza en la universidad (UNGS, 2001), coauthored with Daniel Feldman.
  • El ABC de la tarea docente (Aique, 1998), coauthored with Silvina Gvirtz.