Guidelines for submitting proposals

Proposals should include experiences implemented and/or oriented within the Framework of Teaching for Understanding and/or Thinking Visible Program (developed by Project Zero from Harvard Graduate School of Education). They can involve implemented experiences (across levels: kindergarten, junior and senior school) and/or professional training and development. They can be in English or Spanish.

Deadline for submission of proposals: April 15th. Confirmation of accepted proposals: May 10th.


Thematic area 1

Experiences in effective management that promote and support innovation

This thematic area addresses experiences in management that promote and support change, innovations and transformation to develop thinking, understanding and action. It also includes assessment and institutional strategic planning, strategies for managing teams of teachers, documentation of experiences and strategies to make teaching and learning visible.


Thematic area 2

Teachers´ experiences (individually or in teams) that promote understanding and thinking in classrooms

This thematic area comprises teaching practices and designs of environments to promote understanding and thinking in classrooms, skills development, opportunities for interdisciplinary work, authentic assessment, from the perspective of a teacher (or team of teachers) committed to teaching improvement for all students´ learning.

Thematic area 3

Institutional experiences which involve professional development and its impact in the classroom

This thematic area takes into account experiences which emerged from proposals from management teams and/or groups of teachers mainly and which include process of teacher training with an impact in classrooms. This area includes experiences that show the potential institutions have as centers for ongoing professional development and as promoters of pedagogical innovation and experimentation.

Formal requirements

Standard Word format document (A 4, normal margins – sup./inf.: 2.5 cm and left/right: 3cm – Arial 10, single spacing). Once your proposal is selected, evidence of the work carried out should be submitted (participants` productions, testimonies, etc.). Evidence could include:

  • Images: JPG format (preferable) up to 2 MB each
  • Video recordings
  • Audio recordings
  • Power point presentations

1. Description

Full Name*


Choose thematic area*

2. Institutional Information




Name of the Institution*

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Institutional contact email

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3. Information of the teacher or team of teachers

A total of up to 6 teachers will be allowed in each team (complete the following items for each teacher participating in the proposal)

Full Name




Academic background

4. Description of the experience


Brief summary of the experience*
(Up to 140 words) Include three key words.

Attach proposal*


Write a brief description that includes the following items:

  • context in which the experience took place
  • information about the group of participants
  • grounds of the experience
  • goals
  • actions
  • assessment
  • results
  • learned lessons
  • bibliographic references

You will have to inform in advance, the sort of evidences you will submit and specify in which format they are in the event that the experience is selected. (eg.: images, documents, audios and/ or videos, etc.)

Word range: Up to 1500 words.
We look forward to receiving your proposal!